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Workshops mit Ariadna Vendelova

Ariadna Vendelova lives in Košice, Slovakia. She is an aerial dancer, choreographer, performer, poetess and yoga teacher, working locally and internationally together with her aerial dance companies LALYRA and ARIADNINA NIŤ, while also involving herself in a variety of community-based activities. Ariadna´s specialities are aerial silks and aerial hoop. Her approach to movement is greatly influenced by yoga, dance improvisation and nature, with an aerial dance technique deeply focused on breath work, movement quality and on principles of organic movement: fluidity, breathing principles, movement awareness, working of spine and joints, use of spirals, expansions and contractions in movement, etc. Her approach to aerial dance, movement arts and self-development aims to be holistic and experiential, raw and intimate, natural and personal.

Currently, Ariadna is developing a personal methodology concept #simplifyaerial, re-envisioning aerial dance as experiential and movement-based rather than showcasing and trick-based. She propones the idea that aerial dance presents a separate aesthetic and technical field than circus, and tries to bring dance into aerial acrobatics. Interested in ceremonial dance, rituals, and sacred movement practices, she identifies as an aerial dance priestess.

Ariadna is a co-director of the unique Cat´s Paw Experimental Aerial Dance Meeting together with Emily Aoibhean (Ireland), and has several other ongoing projects, including a recent premiere of new solo production All My Skirts, with a supervision of Fred Deb´. She performed in Sorry Gold by Emily Aoibheann during Dubline Fringe Festival 2019, in her own creations Birds and In the Wind during White Night 2019 in Slovakia, etc.

She has been teaching aerial silks and hoop around festivals and studios in Europe.

Visit her website and for further information.

She visited us with the following workshops: (Classes are held in English)

Aerial Silks Workshop – Movement quality, artistry, and silks creativity

Level: Intermediate

The focus of this workshop will be put on movement quality and precise technique on aerial silks, but also on our own creativity and movement artistry. Analysing the creation process and learning a new sequence, we will try to learn some of the available methods of sequence creation on aerial silks. How to translate the technique and skills we learn into art? Rediscovering our body´s innate capacity to feel and express through movement, we will try to unlock in this workshop our creative and expressive potential as aerial dancers.

Prerequisities: good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, ability to climb up and perform a foot lock, inversion (straddle-up), single star drop, hip-key..

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Preise: (2 classes per 2 hours each)
90€ inkl. 20% MwSt.

Aerial Hoop Workshop – Spinning and Sequencing

Level: Intermediate

This aerial hoop workshop will focus mainly on sequencing and spinning. We will explore the intricacies and nuances of this beautiful apparatus and will learn the essential principles of spinning, including several ways of getting into a good and strong spin as well as how to maintain the spin as we move through our sequences. How to build up a choreography in such way that would support and maintain the spin as opposed to slowing it down? How can we move alongside the spinning motion and use the spiral momentum? How do I achieve fluid and gracious movement? How do I breathe? We will also focus on our body awareness, being well aware of shapes, poses and gestures which our body exhibits in space and in relation to the apparatus.

Prerequisities: good knowledge of basic hoop vocabulary, straddle-up (inversion), back balance, comfortable with slow spinning.

Termine noch offen

Preise: (2 classes per 2 hours each)
90€ inkl. 20% MwSt.



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