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Workshops mit Ariadna Vendelova

Aerial Silks Workshop: "Exploration: Foot locks, hip locks and waist lock creativity" This part of our workshop will focus on a more creative, explorative approach to our aerial silks practise and sequencing abilities, working our "aerial intelligence" or the so called "silks brain". We will establish several climbs, foot locks and hip locks (some more and some less familiar) through which we shall explore the innate nature of these wraps, and see how we can connect one to another seamlessly and naturally. What happens when I transfer my foot lock wrap to my hips, and vice versa? The workshop will also provide space for exploration/research and will aim for every student to find new pathways and to step out of their movement and choreographic stereotypes. We will open space for more organic technique of movement to bring fresh air to our practise: How does my body breathe and collaborate with the fabric of the silks to allow for a more natural movement?

Level: intermediate-advanced

Prerequisites: ability to climb the silks and work in the air for at least 3 continuous minutes, footlock, hipkey, inversion, and other elements of basic vocabulary mastered well.

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Aerial hoop workshop:
"Aerial Hoop Composition, Gesture and Spinning"   In this aerial hoop workshop, we will focus on our body awareness in the hoop, being well aware of shapes, structures and gestures which our body exhibits in space and in relation to the apparatus. From this starting point, our aim will be to explore via creative exercises and assignments new options and ideas, finding original shapes of bodily xpression, that are original and fresh, and which form authentic movement combinations/choreographies.   We will also focus on introducing a spinning element to our performance, with an interest (for more advanced students) to build up a choreography in a way which supports and maintains the spin as opposed to slowing it down. How can we move alongside the spinning motion and use the spiral momentum?  How do I achieve fluid, organic, gracious movement? How do I breathe?  Level: intermediate-advanced Prerequisites: good knowledge of basic hoop vocabulary, straddle-up easily (inversion), back balance, comfortable with slow spinning.

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F10 Sportfabrik, Studio 3


45€ (inkl. 20% Mwst.) pro Workshop


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